JCSS Summer Reading Challenge

Don’t miss the Jackson County Schools Summer Reading Challenge this summer!

The Jackson County Elementary Schools are teaming up with the Piedmont Regional Library System and encouraging all of our students to participate in our summer reading challenge! Research shows that many kids’ reading skills decline during the summer because they often don’t read as much as they do during the school year. Reading even a few books over the summer will help maintain the progress students have made this year.

Students: We are challenging you to read 40 books or 20 hours this summer. This is the same challenge that has been set by your local public library branch! This means that you can visit your local library this summer to check out some amazing books and to fill out a reading log with the same books that you are including for your school reading log.

Use the provided reading log to record the title and author of each book you read this summer. Completed reading logs are due Monday, August 6th. Students who read the designated number of books or complete their 20 hours of reading, will be able to participate in a fun and exciting activity at school.

We can’t wait until we see you again in August when you’ll be able to tell us all about your favorite books that you read this summer!

Check out the Jackson County Schools Summer Reading Challenge website for book recommendations, free ebooks, other challenges, local activities and download additional reading logs.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Reading Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qf4gcXBl7LFxB35HBJMugUYy6RTF2M64/view?usp=sharing

1st- 8th Grade Reading Log: